InterContinental David Tel Aviv: Worth Burning the Cert


The InterContinental David Tel Aviv Hotel Review is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

Getting There: Gett is better than a metered taxi which only accepts cash.

Hotel Itself 

After two nights at the Hotel Indigo, I switched to the InterContinental to burn my stay certificate. The hotel goes for $500 a night during peak season, a price that is only reasonable when quantifying the value of the redemption.


Unlike the Hotel Indigo which is in the business district, the InterContinental David is located right on the beach and only a few paces for Banana Beach, a great place to spend Sunday Funday.

The hotel is located next to this beautiful mosque.

Welcome Gift

I always enjoy when I arrive at an IHG hotel and they thank me for my $49/year loyalty. I received a free welcome drink. While it was a nice gesture, the drink was terrible. Tip to the bartender: dirty martinis are not made with tequila.


Getting into David’s pool is a hot ticket. My room was not ready and the doorman initially refused to let me through. When I finally was granted access, I found a pool littered with children (see Should Kids Be Allowed in The Hotel Lounge?).

The look of shock that a platinum was being denied entry.


My $49/year loyalty scored me this sweet suite upgrade.



The room was nice, but the view sealed the deal.

No Breakfast 

Like the IC Bora Bora, the IC David did not offer free breakfast. Why pay for a standard buffett when you can go to Benedict on Rothschild?


If you’re looking to burn your certificate in style, go to the IC Tel Aviv David.


  1. I think the comment about the pool being littered with children was a touch unfair. It looked hot outside and unless there was a no-children pool as well as an urchin-friendly pool, the kids were kinda lacking in alternatives. I guess the parents could have locked the kids in the closet in their room, but if the maid came in to clean the room, there would have been a huge fuss.

  2. I hope if you don’t like children in the pool you don’t go to this hotel on a Friday night. Sabbath family time usually includes tons of kids in the pool and this hotel lobby is usually super busy and crowded on Sabbath. Great hotel really though. Ambassador and Spires usually are treated well.

  3. I love the perspective you got on the building itself in the second photo. Its awesome, the way the building get broader the lower you scroll!

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