TPOL’s Guide to A Night in Tel Aviv: Breakfast Included


Tel Aviv Nightlife Travel Guide is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

Tel Aviv is not Shanghai, but it is a tremendous place if you are looking to party.


Drinks are expensive in Tel Aviv. Drinking before going out is advisable. Also note that shops stop selling alcohol after 11PM.

No beer for sale after 11

Getting to the Party

If you’re looking for a taxi on a Thursday or Friday, which is considered the weekend in Tel Aviv, download the Gett app, ask your hotel to make the booking, or hope for a free ride.

Dizengoff Street 

A great place to start your night is Dizengoff Street. It’s full of lively bars, but it can get pricey.

2 beers for $16.50

The Prince

If you’re looking for fancy mixed drinks and a cool atmosphere check out The Prince. 

TPOL’s TipLocated at Nahalat Binyamin St 18

Rothschild Boulevard & Ben Yehuda Street

Rothschild Boulevard has a club or a pub for everyone. Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at Rothschild 9 and go from there. At some point you might end up on Ben Yehuda Street at an unnamed club. That is normal.


If you’re looking for a chill bar from the outside and live music in the inside, check out Buxa.

TPOL’s TIPLocated at Rothschild Blvd 31

Jimmy Who

I would avoid Jimmy Who, a club with $14 vodka sodas and terrible hip-hop music.  Kuli Alma

If you’re looking for the Senor Frogs or Sky Garden of Tel Aviv, go to Kuli Alma. It’s as grimy as it gets. There is a separate room for playing video games. 

TPOL’s TIPS: Located at Mikveh Israel St 10


At some point or at another point, you will end up Radio. That is how you know you made the right decision.  Breakfast and Breakfast 

After a long night out, I have two recommendations for breakfast depending on the time. If the sun has come up, head to a bakery. Order everything. 

If you called it quits early, say 5AM, then go to Benedict for the best breakfast. I ordered the breakfast burger crossaint one night and the breakfast Philly cheesesteak another time (along with a Stella and Bloody Mary).

TPOL’s TIP: Located at 29 Rothschild


Looking for a party? Tel Aviv doesn’t disappoint. Looking for breakfast? Tel Aviv doesn’t disappoint.

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