A Category 8 Hotel? Give Me A Break…But Here Are My Reqs


In the words of Marvin Gaye – What’s Going on? Really Hyatt, a category 8 hotel for 40k points a night? The blog world was up in arms today when Hyatt leaked an extra category in its award chart. The good news is that the current hotels in its tiny portfolio will not be making the jump from category 7 to category 8. Those hotels include the meh Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome with its over hyped breakfast (see Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Overrated Breakfast), the Consistently Inconsistent Park Hyatt New York, the stellar Park Hyatt Milan (see Let Me live Here, Please), and the beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney. Now, that I’m done boasting about which category 7 Park Hyatts (see complete list of all Park Hyatts here) I’ve frequented, let me tell you what I would demand if I were ever to drop 40k points on one night.

  1. The hotel must have complimentary water transport from the airport, a paid option of the Radisson Blu Bosphorus, or a helicopter.
  2. Alcohol must be included. The Hyatt House Scottsdale, a category 2, is only 8k and that gets you a free six-pack of beer. I would require a bottle of Krug or at least a 24 pack of Medalla for a category 8.
  3. The room must be constructed like Emirates first.
  4. Wipers must be included and I must be awoken like this:

    Worst case, I better get a St. Regis butler like the one in New York.

  5. Breakfast better be included even for Explorists (see That’s Me in the Corner Losing My Globalist Status).
  6. You can check out any time you like. (But you can never leave!)

That’s all I could come up with. Feel free to share your requirements for a category 8 hotel, a gimmick that will undoubtedly work, especially if they put a [Hyatt] place on the moon!

PH Milan


  1. LOL – I love the bit about the wipers thanks!

    Hyatt seems to be having one enhancement after another:

    – More than doubling stay requirements to achieve highest status in the new WoH program (3/2017)
    – Destruction of the P+C option
    – taking away the UA Club 2 annual passes (little things mean a lot)
    – and, now, this further devaluation … stay tuned!

    I afraid to hear what they gonna come up with next!

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