Spark Business Checking: Banking for EVERYONE, Anywhere


Did you just wake up in your pajamas? Have you grown an intimidating beard? Do you have hot sauce all over your t-shirt because of a late night binge yesterday?  Do you want to avoid fees and judgmental bankers? Are you ready to open a business checking account and deposit checks from the comfort of your coach while watching the ‘Bama game?

I wish I had an affiliate link for this great financial product because it is the best thing I have discovered since my Schwabby Schwab, Charles Schwab checking account. It comes from every points enthusiast’s least favorite bank, Capital One. It is called a Spark Business account and it is fantastic. Before I get into the specifics of what makes the account awesome, let me discuss the process of opening the account.

It was very simple. I went to the website, hit sign up, and inputted my username from my Capital One credit card. A few questions later, the application was complete. All I had to do after that was call in for a quick security verification. Bam! Now the NY lawyer who is in Montana today, Madagascar tomorrow, and currently nude on the couch can engage in international commerce without feeling like Vivian on Rodeo Drive.

The greatness does not end there. The account is completely free. There is no monthly maintenance fee, made up fees, and other inventions that evil banks come up with to exploit consumers. Bill pay is very easy whether it be to an individual or another institution. In fact, I linked all of my business credit card accounts from Amex to Chase to my Spark account. Now I can see those balances in one spot and pay my business expenses with ease.

This is how business should be done. Every other bank should take note!

What’s in your wallet? Who’s in your back seat? It should be Samuel L. Jackson.



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