SPG Best Rate Guarantee: Success!


Earlier today I wrote about how SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee didn’t work. To demonstrate the tediousness of the process, I took screenshots of what I submitted and the ultimate outcome. Since I had gone through the trouble of showing what I did, I figured I might as well submit the claim again to see if it would work. I am happy to say that SPG did confirm the rate and provided a 20% discount. The room went from the SPG rate of $64 a night to $39 a night.

Many readers commented that it is worth submitting the claim over and over until it is approved. Since res judicata doesn’t apply for SPG claims, I highly recommend heeding this advice and repeating the process until justice is served.

$39 a night for a Sheraton? How can you beat that? You can’t thanks to SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee.

Update: A reader pointed out my stupidity. In the BRG, SPG always matches the rate. From there the option is 20% off of that rate OR 2k points. I inexplicably read it as no rate match, just 2k points which would hardly ever be a good value. After an emotional plea to SPG Platinum, they graciously gave me 1500 points despite my mistake.





    • It’s my understanding you get one or the other. So if you value 2k points at $60 which is 3 cents per point, it still seems like a better value to get the room at this price. I’m staying 2 nights, what do you think?

      • Now that I see that it worked what I should’ve done is do a BRG for one night, take the 2k, then book the prepaid rate for the second night. This is a whole new approach for me booking rooms.

      • Actually SPG BRGs get an extra 20% off OR 2K pts. The price match is constant, so you only took an extra $19.60 + taxes off in lieu of 2K pts.

        • Thanks David for the head’s up. I spoke to them and they kindly credited me 1500 points as a courtesy for my stupidity. That was nice of them. Lesson learned.

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