Subway! Eat Local


The knock on American travelers is that we will fly to the ends of the earth to visit a new country but we still order McDonald’s when we get there.

This isn’t a redundant post for why you should try cockroaches when you’re in Bangkok or goat testicles in Beirut. Having lived in Mongolia for the last four months, I’m taking the opposite stance: eat local.

And for me eat local means eating foods of my native locale not local foods. That’s why I’m savoring this 290 Baht ($9) Subway foot long turkey on wheat with Thai peppers.

Street food and sound prices will come post this sandwich after I regain my sanity from living on whatever Mongolian restaurants claim to be ‘Western’ food.

Next time you are traveling and somebody (probably someone who doesn’t travel and most likely a cyber antagonist) questions why you detoured for a Whopper, tell him ThePointsOfLife said it was OK.

I did have a Chang beer with my meal so that counts for something.


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