The Chinese Bad Manners No-Fly List


On my worst behavior, no?
They used to never want to hear us,

If you’re Chinese and on Drake’s worst behavior, look out. An article in the AP called China Names And Shames 5 Tourist over Bad Behavior says that the Chinese government, concerned about its international image, is adding people to a list whereby they can be “refused service by travel agents, airlines, hotels and scenic sites.”

This comes in response to the many videos people have posted showing Chinese travelers doing not so nice things. I’m guessing this includes the Chinese law professor who tried to sneak into first and was later forcibly removed from the plane. The article cites “a woman who attacked her tour guide with hot tea after learning the price of her son’s ticket to a western China scenic site was not included in the package,” as an example of behavior that is frowned upon.

I’m on my worst behavior,
Don’t you ever get it ducked up

That's me behaving in Beijing
That’s me behaving in Beijing

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