The Trouble with Carrying 2 American Passports


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2 Passports is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report.

How a paper book is still the way to get in and out of countries is a topic for another day. Since my passport is my pass to move about the world, losing it is my worst nightmare. Complicating matters is how I have to travel with two passports when going to China. My multiple entry, 10-year Chinese visa is in my old passport but is still valid when accompanied with my current passport.

Each time I checked in and out of a hotel, I had to explain that my visa was in my second passport after watching the person fumble around my current passport for the document and say to me that I need a valid visa to check-in. The thought of losing my passport keeps me up at night. The thought of being detained in China for losing the second brings back terrible memories when I botched the China 144-hour Visa-Free Transit (It Worked the 1st TimeChina 72-hour Visa-Free Transit Disaster (again), and China 72-hour Visa-Free Transit Disaster (again)).

TPOL’s TIP: Don’t bother with the visa-free transit option. Get a 10 year visa.

TPOL’s TIP: Refer all visa questions to VisaHQGetting the visa situation down is my biggest travel weakness.

At least the Chinese visa remains valid. My Russian three-year visa was voided or would cost almost as much to move to my new passport as it would to get a brand new one.

I’ve been everywhere man.


  1. Jesus, that’s your NEW passport? That thing looks rough, like you used it to remove the seeds from the shake every day on a year long stay in Colorado.

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