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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Trick, No Treat: AT&T International Data Service

Happy Halloween from ThePointsOfLife!

I’ve written about the need to have international data roaming while traveling. Apart from not being robbed by taxi tricksters, international data keeps you connected with the outside world; until it doesn’t.

First in Finland in July, now in China, AT&T has cut off my service for no reason. They send me a text saying “due to high usage, your account is suspended. Please call the following number.”

Only I can’t call the number because my phone isn’t provision to make international calls. So I have to wait until I’m back at a desktop to connect via chat. The chat service is great and they always take care of the problem, yet no one knows why it happens in the first place.

For those of you at home who take your 4G data for granted, I beg of you to caress your phone a little tighter tonight, a little longer. For you don’t know when that luxury will unexpectedly be taken away!

You see my response in July!


  1. Does att still lock their phones? I know with Verizon I’m able to buy a relatively cheap SIM with plenty of data just about anywhere I go. In UK, 10 pounds of credit got me 2 weeks of internet, calls and txt. Maybe time to switch providers.

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