TSA PreCheck Free Course


TSA PreCheck for all its greatness still has one great drawback, the passengers.

It’s 540am in Detroit and I’m in no mood to stand behind passengers who go through the PreCheck line and do the following:

1. They aren’t PreCheck and argue about the government’s ineptitude and inefficiency (while they hold up the line).

2. They take their shoes off.

3. They try to walk through with their purse or man bag.

4. They don’t take off their coat as is allowed but keep their phone in their pockets.

5. They think PreCheck means is VIP for I don’t have to push my bag through the x-ray machine.

How and why did they apply for PreCheck if they don’t even know the conveniences they have paid for?

And with that class is dismissed.



  1. Preach! It is so frustrating, and then it results in screaming TSA agents who are trying to get the non-Pre folks to act right. I don’t know which I hate worse….the screaming agents or the non-Pres who don’t now what they are doing.

  2. What I don’t like is that in some airports where there is clearly a separate lane for PreCheck to go thru the xray scan yet passengers w/o PreCheck make it there and they have a family and baby items. I have to bite my tongue.

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