US Bank LifeMiles Card on the Chopping Block?


Is there a reason to visit anymore? Club Carlson is dead to me and FlexPerks perished when NWA merged with Delta. With no daily spend I don’t compulsively check my US Bank accounts for activity. However, today I revamped my OCD Excel doc for tracking due dates, annual fees etc and moseyed over to the site where I forgot my favorite pet’s name. Upon logging in, I noticed a peculiar charge for $75.

Instinctively I reached for my phone to call US Bank and yell at them for double charging for Club Carlson. While listening to the audio tracks by DJ HoldTime, I realized that this was the annual fee for my Avianca LifeMiles card, a program that is both a diamond in the rough and a lump of coal.

When I applied last year, the offer was 40k miles which got me from Shanghai to Singapore in business and out of Mongolia for good in style. With a few RedBirds my plan was to keep the LifeMiles card to hit more sweet spots in their Star Alliance and Avianca/Taca offerings. At the same time, US Bank has been incredibly annoying with their sensitive fraud department regardless of the merchant. Add in Avianca’s wretched customer service and unstable points program and I find myself wondering if it’s worth keeping the card.

In the not so distant future, I will make the call to US Bank hoping they waive the fee and give me a gazillion miles before I make any rash decisions.

Does anyone else have this card? Anyone keeping it or are we agreeing that US Bank is on the outs?

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