What Devaluation? Etihad Apartments Booked


My friends, the struggle is over. I have booked Etihad Apartments and this time I will not be cancelling. Though it may be trivial to those outside the points hustle, I have been fixated on flying Apartments for quite some time. I was going to fly it from Shanghai to Abu Dhabi to JFK but that would cost 120k AAdvantage miles. Alternatively, the price of flying first class from Asia to the US is only 67,500 miles. Clearly it makes no sense to waste miles just to take apartments.

After flying Etihad first on the 777 this past November, I started making plans to visit Morocco and Jordan. The plan is to fly from Morocco and then go to Abu Dhabi after.The cost of flying from the Middle East region to JFK is only 90k miles before March’s devaluation.

Here are the countries included in that region:

The best use of miles in terms of time in first class heaven is one of the ‘stan’ countries, India, Nepal, or Maldives.


I’m not going to leave the airport when I arrive in Abu Dhabi. I’ll just spend my time in the Premium Lounge drinking, getting a haircut, and mingling.

Etihad Apartment availability is either fully available with multiple seats or impossible to find. They come and they go. Search on etihad.com for GuestSeat and make sure you’re flying the A380.

No thanks 777.

I hope this puts to rest the nonsensical comments that TPOL is too scared to go places, a clear misinterpretation of my post on Istanbul.



  1. congrats on the booking. i, too, am looking to book before the aa devalue. i would love to experience emirates or etihad first, but have no plans to visit the middle east. singapore suite on a380 to asia not a bad alternative, but tough on availability.

    btw, tpol reminds me of star trek:

    • ahah star trek, now TPOL is a nerd.

      That’s the problem with AA. If it was US Air I’m sure I could’ve routed through Abu Dhabi and still get the flight for 67.5. Emirates is easy to find availability to anywhere and allows you to route through Dubai with only a 10k miles premium. SQ has the worst availability. I don’t get how people find it. I did once 2 years ago but have not had any luck since. Also, they charge stupid fuel charges of $350.


  2. As far as the too scared to go places crap, ignore the trolls. Glad you got the award you were looking for. On a totally different tangent, why do you say to only have 2 Red Bulls in Thailand? Also, how the hell do you get all these miles while living in Mongolia and New York, or visiting some faraway land while using said points? You must have an exceedingly understanding series of law firms.

    • Because they are super powerful red bulls that will have your heart pulsating well into the morning. Family and friends helped out with the mins and ms when I was gone and in 2015 I was in Montana MS’ing as much as I could because there was nothing else to do there.

      haha ‘understanding series’

    • I’ll probably fly into Morocco because it’s considered Africa by AA (meaning low miles post deval). I’ll figure out some way to get from there to Amman. It was either Amman or Beirut and I went with Amman

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