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Monday, July 15, 2024
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What to Do in the Citaaay, City of Hobart

What to Do in the City of Hobart is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

In the citaaay, city of Hobart. We keep it rockin!

Now let me welcome everyone to the deep, deep south. I don’t mean that in the same way Americans describe Biloxi, Mississippi. I mean in it in the literal sense. Tasmania is located so far down on the map that tourists can take a day flight to Antarctica. I had no interest in doing that. Instead, I chose to wander around and see what life is like in Hobart.

Hobart has a Reykjavik/Wellington feel to it. It’s a small city with only 250k inhabitants. Unable to find any devils, apart from the the rental car companies, I ended up doing what I do best: eating.a rat statue on top of luggage

a statue of a rat
My limited devil experience


The harbor from the Ibis is a short walk. Right on the water are restaurants serving a Hobart favorite, deep-sea blue-eye trevella. At Flippers, I walked across the plank and put in an order for fish, dim sum, prawns, and chips. After all, what doesn’t taste good fried?a boat on a dock a boat on the watera white food truck with blue and white signs a box of fried food


Freaked out after my experience at the world’s wackiest museum, MONA, I took a local’s recommendation and went to Ti ama which is also close to the harbor. If you are in Hobart and like pizza and octopus, I suggest you do the same.a black menu on a pink surface a pizza with pepperoni and cheese a plate of food on a plate

The atmosphere is eclectic and the drinks are disorienting. It’s like I never left the museum.a sign with red letters on it a brick wall with paint on it a mirror ball with a person in the background a bar with wine glasses from the ceilinga glass of liquid and bottle on a table


I didn’t come to Tasmania to hang out in Hobart. But while I was there, I did manage to keep myself hydrated and nourished.

TPOL’s TIP: Salamanca Market 

If you happen to be in Hobart on a Saturday, check out the Salamanca Market, one of Tasmania’s most visited attractionsa building with a sign on the front



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