Who Is Buying Points?


I’ve rarely bought points. To me, it’s like cheating the game. Aeroplan just had a deal to sell points for 1 penny each. Marriott is giving a bonus for purchasing points. Unless it’s a last second booking and I’m in desperate need to get over the hump, I’m not opening my wallet. Even in those circumstances, I try to get more creative by considering other options e.g., flying another alliance or booking a different hotel. Today, there is no urgency to top off my account as there’s no urgency to travel. Today, hoarding cash as much as possible is better than hoarding points for an imaginary trip plan. I was frugal before this virus. Now, I’m cheap.

Are you buying points? Tell me why I’m wrong.


  1. You aren’t crazy. I’m continuing to earn points through everyday earning, but I’m not applying for new cards now either. Best case scenario, we all may be able to take a road trip to an Airbnb near a National Park this summer where we all disinfect our said Airbnb on arrival and go hiking in the woods for a week. Anyone that thinks they’ll be flying business class to Italy (or even want to) before there is a vaccine that is widely distributed is out of their mind.

    • It’s nice to see my points balances go up and not worry about them running dry. I’m still applying for cards where there’s no annual fee but there’s a bonus.

      • I find it depressing because I can’t use them. But on the plus side, at the end of this I may actually be under 5/24.

  2. I’m traveling anyways. When I buy miles, always it adds up to flying business or better for the price of coach – so, I buy when it only makes financial/value sense. Finding seats, OTOH, is always a challenge as we travel as a family of 4. But again, never been disappointed with the value proposition.

    Did not buy Aeroplan miles as I am sitting on 465K Avianca LM and with bankruptcy, COVID19, and no-availability, I am kinds stuck with $6K worth of miles. Will crunch the numbers on the Marriott offer to see if it makes any sense for some our preferred properties in Asia.

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