Why iOS Sucks for Reading My Blog


DSC_0297 2015-08-29 15.40.30Serenity NOW!

So for months I’ve been dealing with a problem that was brought to my attention by a nice comment on one of my posts: “Your pics are horizontal when they should be vertical. It looks awful.”

They appear the right way on desktop and on Android devices but not on stupid iPhones. I thought I had fixed the problem and even tested it with you the audience. That day it worked but a quick audit of many of my posts has revealed that the problem was not fixed. Not a carrier of an iPhone, I had no idea that the problem persisted.

Indeed, post after post has pictures sittin’ sideways like Paul Wall rather than the proper orientation. The culprit for this misery is the EXIF file that not only steals your personal privacy but also affects the way the image is displayed.

I have not found a plug-in to erase the EXIF file for the thousands of photos that I have uploaded so I will have to go in post by post and re-upload the images. Hopefully, someone reading this will provide a more efficient solution. Otherwise, I care too much about the blog to let the sloppiness stand.

Going forward, I’m using Image Tuner to scale the image and the Image Rotation Fixer plug-in to do the formatting when I upload.

Stupid Apple. Stupid iOS.

Life is crooked with iOS
Life is crooked with iOS but it’s showing up correct on my desktop.



      • It’s sad HTC used to be rock solid but our family had so much trouble with the M7 we didn’t bother with the 8 or 9. My nexus 5 died but LG fixed it for $72 and the cost was picked up by Chase credit card. So I ordered the Nexus 5x and will sell the 5 and 5s when it comes. Only gripe with the 5 was the camera. It still runs fast and smooth on 6.0 marshmallow. I was blown away when I got it back from LG.

        • Yeah I read that when it posted I can’t believe we both fell for the x1 carbon touch the adaptive keys at the top are the worst half the time it switches without me knowing and the the mouse buttons on the touchpad are terrible. Thinking about going to the surface pro 4 then I can get rid of the iPad air and x1. I realized I don’t need an i7 probably a core m would suffice.

        • I returned the touch after a week and got the windows 7 version, so much better. Then I changed the adaptive key to the function ones because the default of volume was awful. The mouse is terrible. I haven’t liked a touch since I had the X41 tablet!

        • I may get the 5x then. I can’t deal with a huge phone. And I saw the commercial for the surface pro tablet, intriguing.

        • I just checked an mine says processing instead of pending! May get it by Friday. Haven’t been excited about a phone since the Nexus 5

        • Woo hoo shipped yesterday getting it tomorrow! Not a fan of the standalone camera as I try to keep it to a roll abroad and back pack at most when I travel.

        • Maybe if they copied enough Android features. I like the phone design sans the gigantic home button. I can’t deal with their software updates though. It always cripples the hardware of older models. I upgraded to iOS 8 on my iPad Air and it worked well enough slight stutter here or there but iOS 9 makes it lag and stutter hard for core operations like going to the task switcher or opening safari. Me and my wife just spent 10 minutes trying copy and paste text on safari and we couldn’t do it lol. We could only select the top text of the page. Finally took the nexus 5 off the charger and got it done in a minute. Ridiculous. The Nexus 5 I got back is super fast on Android 6.0 2013 hardware compare to the 5s which is also 2013 I was using. The 5s was crippled by iOS 9 I downgraded back to 8.4.1 the next day as it was driving me crazy. I don’t understand why apple cripples older hardware. Then again they probably do it so people will upgrade. Planned obsolescence. No wonder their profits are so hi.

        • LOL don’t bother replying to Dutch. He’s a lifelong iPhone fan even though it’s done nothing for him. Apple sucks.

          profits are so hi eh? ill blame that on siri haa

        • So thus far battery is ending the day at 40% with normal usage for me which is checking email 5 – 10 minutes, blue tooth audio in the car while I am driving about 1 hour and 30 minutes a day. The fingerprint scanner is much better than what I had on the 5s. Works everytime. The camera is a huge improvement most of the focusing issues are gone. I did have a little trouble trying to take an extremely close up picture but it does low light really well. Phone gets a little warm while doing prolonged camera work. Screen looks as good as my 5. I wished it was as small as the 5 but it is not unwieldy. Love the new safe location feature which makes it easy to unlock after you have registered a safe location by GPS or bluetooth.

        • 6P? I don’t want a huge phone, plus the crapdragon 810 has overheating problems. The reason why Samsung dropped the Qualcomm processor this year.

        • Ahhh, then I’m clueless. I’m leaving in November for a few weeks so It will come out before I can buy it. Then I’ll see what the reviews say and go from there.

  1. I absolutely hate iOS, I recently bought an iPad Pro, my first iOS device by the way. I bought it on the notion that I would be able to use it as a laptop replacement. Everyone I talked to seemed to think so, even Tim Cook said so, as well as the guys at the Apple Store, etc. Well after bringing it home, connecting the Logitech keyboard, which I chose over the Apple one because it didn’t feel as cheap, had a backlight, function key row, etc. Anyway, after just 30 minutes of use, no exaggeration, I knew I hated it. First, no mouse support, Tim Cook recently said that laptops with touchscreen’s are a failed concept because the user has to constantly reach over the keyboard to use it, I agree, I didn’t before but I do now, not because I have a laptop with a touchscreen, no because the iPad Pro is the exact same thing, ironic really, at least with the laptop though, I have a mouse. Yes, I know the iPad is a touch only device but once Apple started to do the whole Surface thing, all bets were off.

    Than there is iOS itself, over 98% of the apps in the Apple App Store are unable to run in the background. Which just absolutely sucks as the one app that I can’t live without, the terminal, is unable to run in the background because iOS terminates it’s connections after only 3 minutes. Oh, but I could run it in the dual app view you say, nope, less than 100 apps actually support that feature, yea, can you believe that.

    Than there is the absolute worst thing about iOS, the way it handles files, I mean I have never seen anything like it before. What idiot at Apple thought that allowing apps to manage their own files was a good idea. My files are all over the system, and finding them is well, a complete nightmare. It took me an hour to find a photo I took because I’m using 3 different photo apps and none of them save their files to the main photo app. When I download a file from the browser, which I have to use Chrome because Safari doesn’t support this, what, anyway once the files is downloaded you have to send a copy to the app you want to use it with, even if you want to use with three different apps, you have to make 3 different copies, I have had 12 copies of the same friggen file. I can’t just open up a file, edit it with one app, than close it and than open and edit it with another, no, I have to first edit, save, copy or Share the file with a different app, edit, save it, copy it to another and so on and so on. IOS is in desperate need of a central file system in which all apps save to a single location as well as a singular app in which all apps use to access those files, consistancy just doesn’t exist in iOS.

    Talking about that, UI inconsistencies, there everywhere, more than half of the apps I’ve installed don’t support the resolution of the iPad Pro, so they are pixel doubled and use a silly huge keyboard. App developers have no real design guidelines in which to follow or if they do they just ignore them as they all look completely different. Google is a lot better at this with their Material design.

    External displays, this is just bad, I connected a monitor to my Pro in the notion that I could use it as desktop computer. This was of course before I found out that iOS didn’t support a mouse, I mean on what planet did Apple think this was a good idea on a device that supports a keyboard, yea, Pro my ass. Anyway when I connected the monitor, not only was the resolution and aspect ration not supported but the DPI was so huge it looked comical. Not only that but it doesn’t support extending the desktop, just mirroring. Well it’s a mobile OS you say, okay I would except that if my little Samsung Tab S2 8″ didn’t work so well when connecting to the same monitor, not only is both the resolution and aspect ratio supported for desktop and ALL apps, (another thing I forgot to mention, iOS apps are resolution independent so they all look differently when opened on a monitor, a complete cluster F^&*) but, using a great little app called Second Display, I can setup profiles for my monitor(s) and TV, in which I can change the DPI to reflect that of a normal desktop UI or one that looks good on a TV, I can also and this is a big one for me, extend the desktop instead of just mirroring it.

    Yea, on an Android device, a OS that Apple users keep calling crap absolutely wipes the floor with iOS in every considerable, way. I have a real file manager, apps save their files in one location, I can run apps in the background, I can customize the experience, I can install a custom launcher that makes the desktop look and act like desktop OS, which has windowed apps that can be resized, closed, minimized, etc. I have mouse support, the list just goes on and on.

    The absolute only redeeming value of the iPad Pro is the apps, there are some really good ones which puts me into a dilemma, can I ignore all of iOS’s problems and just use the Pro for those apps that I really like or just return it. I’ve already bought another tablet or 2 in1 to be used as a productivity machine. I got the Asus T300-Chi, in which I absolutely love, it’s the same thickness, width, weight as the iPad Pro, same resolution, about the same speed though I think the Asus feels faster, has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD. I’ve installed Remix OS, an OS based on Android but made for machines with keyboards and a mouse, so I have most of the tablet apps that I was looking for and even look better as all of them support the 2K resolution, unlike iOS. I have also installed Elementary Linux which just looks and runs like magic on the Asus. My battery life is a consistent 8 hours, the iPad Pro get’s about 9 so it is a little better but not by much. The Asus has a much better keyboard, has an HDMI out for my monitor, a curved 1080P Samsung 24″, which is also supported, it’s one of those with the TV tuner in it. I’ve Installed Kodi, so the Asus is now also my TV set-box and works really well, especially now that I have Logitech mini Keyboard, the just absolutely awesome little diNovo and finally, I actually like Windows 10.

    I think I just talked myself into returning the iPad Pro, I kind of wanted to keep it for all of those great music creation apps but since they all look like crap right now anyway, seriously, it’s crazy, NONE of them that I’ve tried, support the iPad Pro’s resolution or even the dual app view (which I thought I would be able to use to run both, The Machine and a Roland Synthesizer at the same time for live music, nope, silly me). So I think I’ll just get the iPad Air 3 when it comes out, than I can buy the Akai MPC case for it. Which I will not be using for productivity or content creation of any sort that doesn’t have to do with music. I seriously don’t believe these Apple enthusiasts who in forums and YouTube have said that they no longer use their MacBooks, that the iPad Pro is so great it meets all of their needs, THEY ARE LYNG. Just not possible, even those who just use a ChromeBook would not be able to use an iPad Pro as their only machine, unless their computer needs are extremely basic but than why buy a 1000 dollar tablet. At least with the ChromeBook you can get real work done, comfortably. The iPad Pro is just one huge, pun intended, compromise after another.. Besides, I keep running out of disposable display cleaner wipes to keep up with all of my fingerprints.

    As far as buying an iPhone, no way, I have a Blackberry Priv, fantastic phone and is almost a must have for those like me who spend so much time within a terminal connected to a UNIX server. The mechanical keyboard really is a must have.

    Wow, long post, I guess I just got carried away. Just please know, I am not trolling, I am really tying to warn those who thought the same as me, that the iPad Pro could be used as a laptop replacement. It can’t, not when it’s running the same OS as an iPod and that’s really what needs to be hammered in, iOS is a mobile OS and not a very powerful one at that, heck, it’s not even any good. I mean it took 8 iterations of it before we got sharing, 7 before we were even able to use an app while In phone call. The number one problem with iOS and is the root of everything, “Walled Garden”, until Apple breaks down that wall, iOS will never be a decent OS, never.

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