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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Window or Window: Side Does Matter 

Some of us have no airline status, so the best that we can hope for is a windor or aisle seat, depending on our preferences. 

I’m not an aisle guy which is why I finally updated my Delta account to reflect my preferences for windows. Today, I discovered that the adage, side does matter applies. Though I am able to contort my slight physique any which way, I prefer to tilt to the right than to the left. It’s akin to someone liking the right side of the bed versus the left. 

With this breakthrough, I am excited to take off for my flight to JFK. 

a man with his hand on his head

Which side are you on?



    • lol pillow or pillows…in lie flat. im pretty sure the only lie-flat on this old plane from msp-jfk is sleeping in the center aisle

  1. I’m good with the window on either side. Unfortunately, so is my wife, so I traditionally get the middle seat, despite my decidedly non-slight physique.

  2. Personally I’m an aisle person, but when traveling with my husband I like to pick the side of the plane/train/bus that won’t have the sun shining directly in. I do a rough, which direction are we going and what time of day is it and pick the side opposite the sun, if there is sun that is.

  3. As a DCA flyer, it’s always window or window, but different sides depending on departure/landing. Always pick the A seats when arriving in DCA just in case you get the approach from the north side (although south gives a beautiful view of Old Town, Alexandra). Always choose the right side of the plane when departing for some spectacular views of our capital.

    • Does this change on approach depending on which direction you’re coming in from? I may be wrong but flights landing from the west follow the Potomac River due to noise ordinances.

  4. If you are right handed and want to work on your laptop, you’ll want to have window on your right side. That’s the case even in domestic first class. Otherwise your working elbow could easily bump into your seat mate.

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