The World’s Greatest Travel Jacket: Part II Coming Soon


If you see me on the road, chances are more likely than not that I will be wearing my Baubax Travel Jacket. It’s the best piece of travel equipment I own (see The World’s Greatest Travel Jacket: A Smuggler’s Tool). Since I take it on every trip, the jacket is beginning to show its age. Luckily for me, the company has launched a new kickstarter campaign with a new and improved travel jacket. This time I bought two styles: the sweatshirt which I own and the windbreaker. The sweatshirt is warm enough for fall temperatures, and the windbreaker is appropriate for summer travels and cold airplanes. The jackets are supposed to come out in August but last time there was a delay. Here is the link for those that want to be as versatile as TPOL.

Greatest Travel Jacket and Best View of Kili

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