20 Bucket List Destinations for 2017: USA Today’s ZZZ Version


USA Today put out a bucket list of 20 destinations for 2017. First, I hate the term “bucket list.” Second, who comes up with these lists? Third, how many of you read them not for inspiration but to see how many of them you have already hit?

In response to point two, I’m going to come up with my own list. In response to point three, I know I do! Here are the places on the list and a picture from my travel there.

  1. Northern Lights: I’ve been to Alaska and Helsinki.
Can’t see the Northern Lights if the sun never goes down in Finland.

2. Eiffel Tower: I’m surprised this is #2 because it is an easy one to get to. Just don’t fly Air France from DTW-CDG.

Who needs a bucket list when you have points?

3. Grand Canyon: I lived in Scottsdale for 10 years and missed this one. Las Vegas was always chosen over the Grand Canyon.

JW Marriott Arizona is also worth visiting.

4. Bora Bora: USA Today recommends walking the beaches. I recommend bringing a duck and a pizza instead. 

5. African Safari: That’s set for this November. Till then, here’s a picture from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 6. Colosseum of Rome: Meh, this wouldn’t be on my list. When in Rome…prepare to get ripped off. 7. Venice, Italy: I hear good things, but I’m over Italy for awhile after my last trip. Why deal with the tourist traps when Eastern Europe is just as beautiful and much cheaper?

8. Las Vegas: How is this on the bucket list? Who hasn’t been to Vegas, especially if you live in the US? If you haven’t, read all my posts on Vegas about where to stay and what to do.


9. Road Trip Across America: I did this after I got fired from General Motors. You can read about my 29.5 hour drive from Michigan to Arizona without stopping in my book.

10. Bahamas: Again, not a very creative addition to a bucket list.

Paradise Island Bridge

11. Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef: Maybe I’d scuba for the first time there.

12. Barcelona: Oh come on, now they’re just being lazy.

Barcelona after Ibiza after aforementioned GM firing

13. Great Wall of China: Finally, something that is a must see.

Hard to top this photo

14. Leaning Tower of Pisa: Was this list produced by Italy’s Board of Tourism?

15. Pyramids of Giza: Yes! Read the definitive Travel Guide for Cairo here.

You too can cross your legs for your tour guide.

16. Taj Mahal: If you go, make sure your imbecile friend from Delhi doesn’t book you a tour guide that gets lost, forcing you only to see the Taj from behind because you arrive too late to buy a ticket! 

17. Dead Sea: This is another must-do.

Bring your Kindle

18. Sydney Opera House: This should really be ‘Stay at PH Sydney‘.

19. Louvre in Paris: If you’re a classic man like myself, go there. 

20. Santorini: I actually want to go here but instead of a nice trip to Greece on the beach, I ran the Athens Marathon instead. This is supposed to be the point where I ask you, “What’s on your bucket list?” Please do not tell me. I do not care. Just go there already. Then let me know what you thought of it.


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