Ladyboy, Ping Pong Show, Pad Thai? Vote Now for Bangkok


TPOL’s Runoff Vote for where I live next is live! To recap, the choices are BangkokTaipeiLisbon, or Tirana.

There’s much more to do in Bangkok than ladyboys, but when I wrote the Tirana post, the headline “Debauchery & Promiscuity” got a lot of attention. Why not keep up the click bait to rock the vote? My Travel Guide to Bangkok can be found here and everything Bangkok related can be found here. Two of my favorite Bangkok posts are “Since I cannot personally go to SE Asia with Mikey and show him the ladyboy bars in Bangkok…” and “TPOL Is #1 in Thai Ping Pong Diplomacy.”

Happy Voting! Kob-khun krab!

Dr. BJ’s


  1. So, is the voting for this over? Or is TPOL too busy dealing with subpoenas from Robert Mueller about the Russian connection on the last vote?

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