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What’s my name? To resurrect the voice of our generation, it’s not DMX but TPOL, ThePointsOfLife. Here is a quick intro for those that do not know who I am or what I do. TPOL truly is not like the other blogs on the Internets.

If you’re looking for a review of every square inch of an Emirates flight then the place to be is One Mile at a Time.

If you’re traveling with family or kids or anyone requiring extra assistance look no further (for the former) to Points With a Crew or Mommy Points.

If you’re looking for a job in manufacturing (spending) apply with The Frequent Miler or Travel with Grant.

And if you are looking for week old regurgitated content then there’s a man with a billion miles that can’t keep a secret.

Apart from the final site, BA and P2B have got you covered for all things points with each blogger having his/her own unique angle.

So what makes TPOL different? My name. ThePointsOfLife is doing much more than churning cards and hoarding points. Points serve as a conduit for boldly exploring the world by visiting places both obscure and aspirational all the while having a great time doing so.

To that end, TPOL has Trip Reports, Flight Reviews, Hotel ReviewsLounge Reviews and Golf Course Reviews from the four corners of the globe each with its own unique spin. There is also a Travel Guide section which provides instruction on what to do if you only have one night in Bangkok but want to see and do it all. Finally, the  Travel Advice section will make sure you don’t end locked up abroad.

But if you click now, you’ll gain access to the following categories that no other blog provides:

  • a-live: The section where I provide real-time posts when I’m running around the world.
  • the prof: Angry but insightful rants about travel or whatever is on my mind.
  • the point: Anything having to do with getting points, booking with points or points in general.
  • the press: Caffeinated cultural commentary of major cities throughout the world gained from enjoying a cup of espresso while jotting down my impressions of local life.
  • the pho: Pho is my favorite food so this category is all pho reviews.
  • the libation: Reviews of eating, drinking, and celebration.
  • the sport: Travel and sport go hand in hand so why not have a category focusing on this intersection?
  • the pulse: Travel teaches you more about law, business, and politics than all the degrees combined. Sometimes it is nice to know what’s really going on outside our borders besides which resort provides the best chance at a suite upgrade.
  • the rsvp: This is the stream of all the latest Trip Reports, Flight Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Lounge Reviews and Travel Guides.
  • the advice: Travel Advice of what to do or not to do when traveling.
  • the list: Everyone likes top ten lists (not top 30 lists) so I put together the best of…in a variety of categories.

And finally some irrelevant/interesting facts about me:

Thanks for reading.

For even more TPOL, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @thepointsoflife.

ThePointsOfLife in a pic: Cerveza, Piiña Colada and Popcorn in Seychelles
ThePointsOfLife in a pic: Cerveza, Piña Colada, and Popcorn in Seychelles