Airports With Armrests: A Case of Cruelty


I’m sitting here at Cairo airport after the whirlwind tour of a great, memorable city. Actually, I’m lying here like a degenerate across 4 chairs in the terminal as I don’t have Star Alliance lounge access. As an aside, I’m glad I don’t have to go to another lounge. The pressure of taking the photo of the food spread gives me great stress.

This time of reflection has me thinking about waiting terminals from past flights and how I used to endure the wait before boarding.

I recall from my childhood the leather sex swing seats at HNL airport that were rather comfortable. No doubt those chairs made an impact on my sexuality during my formative years. I also think of the lawn chairs in Addis Ababa airport which let those passing through without lounge access wait in comfort. Finally, I need to reference Singapore’s Changi Airport which is an economy flyer’s best bet for a restful layover before he learns of flying SQ.

Anyhow, as I shamelessly lounge on these decently comfortable chairs, I can’t help but wonder who decides which chairs should be placed in an airport terminal. There must be an efficiency engineer who purposefully places armrests between chairs so those without etiquette don’t overtake the waiting area. There must be calculations made about the distance between facing rows so the unrefined doesn’t use it as a footrest. There must be assessments about how close to put the power adapter to the seat so the shameless blogger doesn’t recline and write at the same time without consuming power.

Here at CAI there aren’t those restrictions. Thus I would like to thank the chair purchaser for making my wait time more enjoyable.

Now boarding all sloths to Luxor.



  1. I am a frequent airport camper and can sympathize with you. Keep on keepin’ on. And thank you for NOT posting photos of lounge food, but I do wonder about the college football links.

  2. It’s really the same issue with the public parks in most cities. If you give nice clear benches, the nice new park becomes a residence to dozens of sleeping street people. If you add armrests or other interuptors mid bench, it encourages them to find better options (or in the airport case, book a hotel).

    • But the ruling on the field stands lol. What a joke officiating has become.

      I agree with your comment, those mini hotels would clean up if they charged slightly less.

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