Amalfi Coast: My Take Was Taken on TikTok


TPOL tried to join TikTok (see The End of Days: TPOL Joins TikTok). And failed. It’s too stupid of a platform for a person of my intellect. Having said that, it is the only way to go if you want to make a name for yourself in this business. Recently, every blog has referenced this traveler’s rant about the overrated Amalfi Coast.

This video clip has received millions of views. While I agree that this place should not be on a ‘must travel’ list, it’s not for the reasons she gave. As I wrote in my post on the Amalfi Coast, the reason to avoid it is because it is an unconscionable tourist trap.

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

I believe the phrase ‘when in Rome’ was coined to make tourists feel fine for the ripoff they experience in Italy. I say this after spending 13 euros on too much Gelato and a double espresso in the town of Amalfi. And also for 6 euros for a double espresso and 7 for a Gelato which included the 1 euro service fee for sitting down at this little table. Amalfi is a bigger tourist trap than Capri. I asked the waiter if he was a millionaire and he said that he just worked there. I guess I’m supposed to shut up and enjoy the moment and do as the Romans do. If only I could duck tourists when they come to the States.

Sadly, no one reads anymore. Sadly, the world takes for granted the creativity and humor that only words can provide.

Gold Jerry! Gold!

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