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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Breaking 90: Week 1 (Delayed) + New Excuse(s) Added

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Breaking 90, Week 1 (Delayed) is part of the TPOL to LIV PGA Trip Report (read the Introduction Inspiration).

My quest to break 90 was delayed by an unexpected trip to Detroit and an unexpected bag fee on Spirit (see Scammed! Or Stupid? Spirit Takes Me for $99 (Part 1)). While the hitting net has arrived (The Rukket training net costs $320 and is available here), I have not taken it out of the box. Fortunately, my nemesis choked in his golf tournament. His quest to break 80 looks to be as hopeful as my mission to break 90.

a golf bag on a golf cart
Junior clubs look easier to use.


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