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Thursday, June 20, 2024

TPOL to LIV PGA Trip Report

TPOL likes but does not love golf (see Golf Course Reviews). The reason I say this is because I have been playing since 2015 and I am still, to quote Chuck, turrible. Follow me, not on IG, but on USGA GHIN to verify this statement. That 29.4 handicap took many, many swings to earn. While I’m finally shooting under 100, I have yet to break 90.

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All of that is going to change. Why? First, I no longer believe that golf is hard. That is an institutional discriminatory line meant to create a mystique that only the elite can play this gentlemen’s game. That’s simply untrue. I will concede that it’s difficult if you want to shoot in the 70’s but anyone, fat, thin, athletic, or uncoordinated can shoot in the 80’s. How? The first step is to read my friend’s book: Golf: How to Break 90 in 42 Days or Less: Mastering Just 6 Critical Golf Skills is a Proven Shortcut to Lower Scores. The second step is actually to follow the blueprint and practice with a purpose. Many of us go to the range, hit a few drives, practice a few chips, and do not return until a meltdown on the course. That’s akin to going to the gym once a month, maxing out on the bench, and wondering why you aren’t in shape. While practicing more often may improve your game, it serves no purpose if you continue to practice the wrong thing. So what’s the solution?

I have no idea. What I do know is that if I am going to succeed, I’m going to have to do it my way. And my way means going all out and going all in on training aids. Like my beach and aqua gym (see VIDEO: Battle Ropes in Puerto Rico! & TPOL’s Achilles Rehab Secret: Hydro Revolution), I have researched every training method and believe I have the right combination of gadgets and gizmos to correct the many flaws in my game. More importantly, I have invested in technology that provides real-time data after each swing versus the old-school approach of trying to find that magical feeling and then replicating it. My eccentric Tin Cup/Moneyball philosophy combined with lessons from a golf pro will ensure victory over my non-believing critic, Zjamahl.

As I did when I documented my training for the Athens Marathon (see Athens Marathon: Complete), I will document my journey from the worst golfer in Rio Mar to Club Champion (see VIDEO: Golfing Rio Mar, Puerto Rico). Like all TPOL’s trip reports, this one will take years to complete.

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I will celebrate this glorious achievement one day.




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