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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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126 Countries Left, If I Go

How many countries are in the world? When I am asked that question, I usually refer people to this controversial post: Is Hawaii a Country? Today, I will refer everyone to the best and most overlooked feature of my blog, the zoomable world map:

The map has 240 countries which is 47 more than the UN list of 193 and 90 less than the Travelers’ Century Club list of 330. Per the map, I have been to 114 countries or 47.5% of the world. This leaves me with 126 countries to go, if I go. The good news is that there are still many on the list that pique my interest. The other good news is that I Don’t Want to Visit Every Country. As far as what is or isn’t a country, that debate rages on. This zoomable world map is literally another way to look at it.

TPOl’s Tip: Bookmark Where I’ve Been to stay up-to-date with where I’ve been on all 3 lists.


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