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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai: The Beautiful Boutique

The Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai Hotel Review is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here. Be sure to check out TPOL’s Map, the best feature of the blog.

Getting There: The Andaz is located in the swanky neighborhood of Xintiandi. The fastest way to get there is to take the Maglev and Uber from there. Alternatively, you could Uber all the way.

The cosmopolitan life is what the Andaz brand is all about. It’s what the W brand aspires to be but will never become. The Andaz Shanghai combines the best of all worlds by delivering an upscale experience in a great neighborhood.

I’ve only stayed at two other Andaz hotels, the one in Napa Valley and the one in San Diego. Both were great but this one is the best. First, the suite upgrade was fantastic. Next, the breakfast (though incomparable to Twelve at Henghsan) offered a wide variety of freshly prepared Western and Chinese food. Finally, the location can’t be beat. Xintiandi is a neighborhood within central Shanghai with a walking street filled with bars and restaurants. Although it’s a bit touristy, it’s still pleasant for an evening out.

The only issue I can think of is that there is so much to do and see around the hotel that I barely had a chance to enjoy it! Therefore, I will have my pictures to do the talking for me.

The Hotel Itself

2016-05-04 17.00.53
Andaz Shanghai
2016-05-04 17.01.18
In Chinese, the ‘an’ in Andaz means peace. I agree.
2016-05-04 17.02.44
Andaz art
2016-05-04 17.02.56
Andaz art
2016-05-04 17.03.06
The living room
2016-05-04 17.03.18
The bar which includes free wine during happy hour.
The wine
The wine
2016-05-04 17.03.35
2016-05-04 17.04.04
2016-05-04 17.04.42
2016-05-04 17.04.54
The suspended fish tank by the elevators

The Room

2016-05-04 17.05.52
Andaz hallway
Andaz art
Andaz art
Andaz art
Andaz art
Andaz living room
Andaz living room
Andaz bedroom
Andaz bedroom
Andaz bed
Andaz bed

The Bathroom 

2016-05-04 17.06.33
The sink that changes colors
2016-05-04 17.06.50
The shower
Sink and tub
Sink and tub
2016-05-04 17.07.00
The soaps
2016-05-05 08.46.59
Pink tub?
2016-05-04 17.10.08
Or green?
2016-05-04 17.09.54
Artsy Andaz sink

The Amenities 

2016-05-04 17.07.45
Welcome to the Andaz
2016-05-04 17.08.18
Nespresso of course
2016-05-04 17.08.36
Finally no decaf!
Andaz espresso, snacks, and soft drinks all included
Andaz espresso, snacks, and soft drinks all included
2016-05-04 17.08.44
The stationary bike
2016-05-04 17.08.57
No idea what the point of this is
2016-05-04 17.11.56
Where’s the NO Xplode?
2016-05-04 17.12.03
Pure water
2016-05-04 17.12.07
Peddling well enjoying the view

The View 

2016-05-04 17.12.58-1
2016-05-04 17.13.07-1
Andaz Xintiandi

The Exterior 

2016-05-04 18.14.42
The other entrance
2016-05-04 18.14.54
Cool building
2016-05-04 18.15.04-1
The happy hour lounge
2016-05-04 18.15.20
The happy hour lounge
2016-05-04 18.15.49
The Hong Kong building (home of M2 nightclub)

The Breakfast 

2016-05-04 18.16.54
Restaurant entrance
2016-05-05 07.35.27
Fresh meats
2016-05-05 07.35.30
Salad bar
2016-05-05 07.35.43
Omelette station
2016-05-05 07.35.51
Jiaozi and xiao long bao
2016-05-05 07.42.03
Xiao long bao
2016-05-05 07.42.48


I would definitely recommend staying at the Andaz Xintiandi. Guests can enjoy being in the heart of the action without giving up quality.



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