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Monday, July 15, 2024
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The Grand Hyatt Shanghai: PH’s Not So Little Brother

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel Review is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here. Be sure to check out TPOL’s Map, the best feature of the blog.

Getting There: Take the Maglev and then Uber the rest of the way. The taxi stand outside the Maglev is also a decent option if your data is malfunctioning.

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai
The Grand Hyatt Shanghai

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai must get sick of living in the shadow his younger brother, the Park Hyatt. That is literally the case here as the size and stature of the Grand Hyatt which is in the Jin Mao building is dwarfed by the Park Hyatt which is in the World Financial Center. While both were feuding, the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world was erected and will be home to J-Hotel, the tallest hotel in the world.

Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, J Hotel
Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, J Hotel
2016-05-03 20.54.46-5
Shanghai Tower
2016-05-03 20.58.23
World Financial Center Street View
2016-05-03 20.58.49
The two brothers
2016-05-03 21.01.53
The triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
Throwback from 2014
Throwback from 2014

The Location 

The hotel is located in Pudong across from the Bund where the real nightlife and fun of Shanghai takes place. Pudong is a boring area with nothing to do. The reason to stay on this side is for the view of the other.

2016-05-04 13.09.48
Reflecting on my time in Shanghai

The Hotel Itself 

The Jin Mao Tower is striking from the outside and from within. There is a lookout point on the way to the hotel room that will make you hold onto your camera a little tighter as you take pictures of down below and up above.

2016-05-03 17.10.58
Chinese art
2016-05-03 17.09.55
Grand elevators


2016-05-04 16.33.36
Elevator hallway
2016-05-03 17.59.50
The atrium
2016-05-03 17.59.56
Look down
2016-05-03 18.00.53
Look up

The Room 

Can I please have unlimited DSUs? Now this is a room. The views of the World Financial Center, the Bund, and an endless skyline make this hotel incomparable.

2016-05-03 18.04.08
The bedroom
2016-05-03 18.04.02
The bedroom
2016-05-03 18.03.23
The bedroom
2016-05-03 18.05.07
The bedroom and bathroom
2016-05-03 18.04.31
The bedroom
2016-05-03 18.04.40
View of the living room
2016-05-03 18.04.57
View of Pudong

The Living Room 

Need space to breathe? The air is thin up here.

2016-05-03 18.09.14
2016-05-03 18.08.39
The living room
2016-05-03 18.08.59
The living room
2016-05-03 18.06.40
The living room
2016-05-03 18.03.27
Curtains drawn to prevent big brother from spying
2016-05-03 18.03.12
Caffeine station
2016-05-03 18.05.08
Tea kettle
2016-05-03 18.05.18
More inexplicable decaf
2016-05-03 20.39.21
Tea and espresso cups
2016-05-03 20.37.55
Not decaf
2016-05-03 20.39.29
Top shelf espresso pic
2016-05-03 18.05.25
And this thing

The Bathroom 

The bathroom was unsurprisingly impressive. One funny note is how the toilet seat would go up anytime it sensed someone approaching. The toilet can be accessed from the bathroom or from the living room so I received a friendly wave each time I passed by.

2016-05-03 18.01.14
I say hello toilet
2016-05-03 18.01.33
It says hello TPOL
2016-05-03 18.01.42
The bathroom
2016-05-03 18.02.26
Every good hotel should have a dental kit as this one does
2016-05-03 18.02.40
Nice soaps
2016-05-03 20.27.47
Nice soaps
2016-05-03 20.28.01
The shower
2016-05-03 20.28.12
The sink
2016-05-03 20.27.20
Bye toilet
2016-05-03 20.27.13
The brain

The View 

View of Pudong
2016-05-03 18.11.29
Then this jerk shows up
2016-05-03 18.06.59
Probably my favorite tall building
2016-05-03 18.25.47
Even if he does block the view
Simply awesome at night
Simply awesome at night

The Lounge 

Why does TPOL love lounges? Because everything is free and unlimited. Open bar and endless snacks are my idea of a good time. In my next life, I will live at an all-inclusive resort.

2016-05-03 17.15.11
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.14.02
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.14.07
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.13.48
The Grand Club needs the windows washed
2016-05-03 17.14.45
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.21.00
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.21.06
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.21.09
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.28.33
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.53.34
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.54.04
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.54.28
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.54.15
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.54.23
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.53.55
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.24.06-1
The Grand Club
2016-05-03 17.25.26
The Grand Club


Although the Park Hyatt is impressive, I enjoyed my stay at the Grand Hyatt because of the Diamond Suite Upgrade and because of the lounge. The Grand Hyatt Shanghai gets overlooked by guests who opt to stay at the Park Hyatt. For a cheaper cash and points options or a booking exclusively based on points, I would select the Grand Hyatt without question.

2016-05-04 16.00.39
再见 Pudong!


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