The Best BBQ in Texas?


The Best BBQ Texas is part of the Final Four San Antonio Trip Report. Spoiler alert: Michigan didn’t win it all, neither did Arizona whom TPOL foolishly picked.

Dejected after Michigan’s loss in the Final Four championship game, I visited the Barbecue Capital of Texas, Lockhart. This small town is in between San Antonio and Austin and is a must eat if you are a carnivore like myself. There is more than one BBQ joint in Lockhart, but I went to Smitty’s Market, home to some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had.

Where to Go 

There’s a plain sign that says Barbeque. That’s the only word you need to know. 

What to See 

Check out the BBQ pits. 

What to Order 


I got the brisket, the ribs, and the jalapeno sausage.

How to Pay

Cash only. 

What to Drink 




Where to Sit 

Anywhere. Make some friends.

What About Sides? 

Mac and cheese, potato salad, pickle, and hot sauce.

How to Eat 

With your hands.

What to Do After 

Find a bench to take a nap.


I would like to go on a BBQ crawl in Lockhart so I can compare other BBQ places to decide which one is best. With that caveat, I will say that Smitty’s was superb.



  1. I was hoping you weren’t going to claim some spot on the SAT Riverwalk was Texas’ best BBQ. Haha. Haven’t personally been to Smitty’s but at least that’s a legitimate candidate.

  2. Glad you didn’t just do the easy thing and rave about franklins. BBQ doesn’t taste too good when you have to wait for hours.

  3. Been to Kruez’s market in Lockhart and Black’s. I prefer Black’s. That said Aaron Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, has been rated the best in the US by Bon Apetit and Texas Monthly. The line at Franklin’s is usually 2-3 hours. Anthony Bourdain claims Franklin’s has the best brisket he ever had. Also Snow’s in Lexington, Tx is pretty darn good.

  4. I’m sitting here with a mean hangover and 4 hours of sleep, and that food looks like it would solve all my problems. FML

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