Final Four San Antonio: Trip Recap


The Final Four Trip Recap is part of the Final Four San Antonio Trip Report. Spoiler alert: Michigan didn’t win it all, neither did Arizona whom TPOL foolishly picked.

We came, we saw, and besides the Alamo, we hope to forget Michigan’s loss in the championship game. Still, it was a memorable, affordable points trip. Here is the trip planning and the trip highlights:

  1. TPOL’s 2018 Winning NCAA Bracket!

    I picked AZ.
  2. Michigan 7:1 to Win: Good Enough to Book San Antonio?

    What happiness felt like.
  3. Bevvy Scottsdale: Where to Watch Michigan Win

    Take that Sister Jean!
  4. Final Four San Antonio: Go Blue! Left Blue.

    It was tied at this point.
  5. River Walk! TPOL’s San Antonio Food & Drink Guide

    Margarita, margarita
  6. Why Does Everyone Hate On The Alamo?

    Visit the Alamo
  7. The Best BBQ in Texas? 

    BBQ everyday please


  1. Condolences on the Michiganites losing. I’d offer some salve about the 10 month hockey season if you seemed a fan.

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