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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Michigan 7:1 to Win: Good Enough to Book San Antonio?

Once upon a time in 1989 Michigan went to the Final Four and won it all. Once upon a timeout, Chris Webber called one, only we did not have any. Since then, Michigan and TPOL have only been to the Final Four once. Like the previous times with the Fab Five, we were not victorious. This year, despite not picking them to win it all in my bracket, I am intrigued by Michigan’s chances of winning. In fact, I put down the following bold wager when I was in Las Vegas last weekend:

a paper receipt with black text and numbers
8 to 1 because NC had yet to lose

Since then the line has moved from 8:1 to 6:1 and is now at 7:1. Since I’ve already been to a semifinal, my dilemma is whether I should book my flights and hotels strictly for the final. I found a cheap ticket on Southwest for Sunday but nothing ‘wanna get away’ worthy until late Wednesday. I would prefer to stay 2 nights to avoid an extra hotel booking but the flight options do not allow this. Another problem is that most hotels require cancelling before March 30th, the day before the semifinal game.

For now, I’ll book the Southwest flights which were 11.5k on the outbound and 11.7k on the return and figure out the hotels later. Of course if they do make it to the finals, I’ll still have to find a way to get tickets to the game. Luckily, scalping is my favorite past time (see Ohio State vs. Michigan: Advanced Ticket ScalpingMichigan Ohio State: A Case Study in Ticket ScalpingTicket Scalping NYC: Know Before You GoTicket Scalping NYC: The Follow-Up).

a screenshot of a television showing a basketball game

a paper receipt on a table
This bet was ill-conceived.




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