Bevvy Scottsdale: Where to Watch Michigan Win


The Michigan Alumni Bar Scottsdale is part of TPOL’s Food & Drink Guide.

When I was living in Mongolia in 2014, I wrote Are You Ready for Some Football? An Expat’s Survival Guide for American Deportes. A fellow Michigan grad who happened to be in Ulaanbaatar read the article and wanted to see the home opener.  He spent the evening watching the Michigan game in my apartment (see Search friends in cold Friends in Cold Places: A Saturday Night Tailgate Party in UB). Since my exodus from Mongolia, I have kept up on Michigan games either by attending them in person or by seeking out alumni bars throughout the world. When I moved to Scottsdale for the winter, I made Bevvy my home for all major Michigan games. In January, I witnessed one of the worst displays of football when Harbaugh lost to South Carolina.

New Year’s Day Started off hopeful
We Lost

In contrast, Michigan basketball has been on top of its game. This past Thursday, I watched Michigan destroy Texas A&M to reach the Elite 8. Two days later, I saw Michigan hang on to reach the Final Four by beating Florida State. 

The Michigan basketball crowd is much more rambunctious than the football crowd, most likely because the basketball team wins and because the basketball games don’t start at 9AM. It also helps that during the weekends Bevvy serves $15 bottles of champagne until 3PM. By the time tip-off came, everyone in attendance was ready for the action. 

Overall, Bevvy is a great place to watch Michigan sports and a great place to start Saturday/Sunday Funday. It’s obviously more fun when the Victors come out ahead.

Like the Mongolia story, if you’re looking to meet up with TPOL, come to Bevvy this Saturday to see Michigan beat Sister Jean. I won’t be there on Monday as I already booked my tickets to San Antonio.

Go Blue!

And now a word from Jalen Rose’s Grandma

100! And Go Blue!


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