TPOL Moves to Scottsdale: My Drive to the Desert


I’ve already explained why I have delayed my move to the Voter’s Choice of Tirana, Albania. In the interim, I will be splitting my time between NY (see TPOL in NYC Trip Report) and Scottsdale (see TPOL in the Desert Trip Report). In order to make the move to Arizona, I had to drive from Montana because golf season had ended. While this post has nothing to do with points (aside from earning 5X using my Ink card for petrol), I am writing it to document it for the sequel of my book (Buy Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, audio version with Brian Cohen from The Gate coming soon, right Brian?).

I left at 4PM and drove like Celine Dion, all night. Last time I made an epic road trip like this was after I got fired from GM. That duck up is chronicled in Lesson 6 of the book, Go for Broke Bailout. This time my life was not a complete mess, though I did trade down from a Cadillac to a P.O.S. Jeep Patriot since luxury cars are useless in Montana, a state where the season is perpetually winter.

In order to stay awake, I decided to take a photo at every gas station and various points of interest. It took just under 16.5 hours to get to Scottsdale, which was nothing compared to the previous drive of 29.5 hours straight from Michigan to Arizona. Here is the journey in photos:

The beautiful Patriot, in mid season, dirty form.
Some people love snow capped mountains, I do not.
Welcome to Idaho (blurry)
Gas station #2
At gas station #3.

Food consisted of the same rations I brought to Tahiti, minus the Goldfish.

Gas station #4 was in a town that smelled like manure.
The pump was so slow, I left to find another station.
And this scary station is where I filled up. Gas station #5.
Some souvenirs from gas station #6.
Gas station #7 was in Arizona.
At 8:21AM I arrived in Scottsdale.
The Michigan bar in Old Town.
The ‘Waterfront’
The car was too dirty to keep.
So I swapped it for this. Welcome home TPOL.



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