Bill Pay Sunday! Help TPOL Help You


I need money! Maybe it’s better to say I want money. For years I’ve been blogging for the love of blogging and to get the effervescent reaction from trolls. Apart from the ads provided by BoardingArea and the ad you see to your right that tell you which card is perfect for you this holiday season even if you have been rejected from the Chase Sapphire Reserve, my site is not ad centric. Besides begging for SPG referrals, I haven’t utilized the power of digital marketing. It’s not that I am against ads or all the ways bloggers make money, it’s just that I’m too damn lazy. This indifference makes no sense because many of the products I endorse have affiliate links. Why not get some cashback for boasting about how great a Blackberry is?

Starting Sunday, I’m going to write the same posts that I always do in my Travel Widgets section only from now I’ll have to disclose that I am having a financial love affair with that company which is based on reader purchases through my site’s portal. (Side note to bloggers: Using legal mumbo jumbo and putting your financial disclaimer does not make it anymore compliant than the disclosure I just provided.)

Bill Pay Sunday starts next week because I need a dollar…

Dollar is what I need
Dollar is what I need



  1. jimmy boy, i eat trash. i need dollars. i also need you to correct this post. subject and verb, unlike you with the final college football rankings, must agree :

    “Apart from the ads provided by BoardingArea and the ad you see to your right that tell~~s~~ you which card is perfect”

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