Breaking News: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will No Longer Work Come January


As a consumer arbitration lawyer, I deal with major wireless companies and clients that are frustrated with some or all aspects of their service. Weeks ago, I wrote about the airline ban on Note 7 and the impossible task of trying to police who comes on a plane with one. Well, the job will get infinitely easier for the crew as a representative at a wireless company informed me that the carrier will no longer support service on the Note 7 effective January. That’s the smartest way a carrier can do its part to get these firetraps off of the market. It is also another embarrassing development for Samsung which has lost billions from this battery fiasco.

If you have a Samsung Note 7 and can’t be bothered to do the voluntary recall or if your wireless provider is being difficult about it despite the recall, know that in January the phone will be even more useless.

Personally, I use the S7 Edge and despite losing it twice, think it’s the best phone since my Motorola Timeport.

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Editorial Correction: In a previous publication, I called it the S7 Note. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Who can keep up with all these names? Bottom line it’s the Note that catches on fire.

Like my timeport, your s7 note will show no service


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7, not the S7 Note. As a S7 Edge user yourself, you should know the importance of preventing people from getting the Note 7 confused with the S7 line.

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