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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Breaking 90: Lessons Learned

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Breaking 90: Lessons Learned is part of the TPOL to LIV PGA Trip Report (read the Introduction Inspiration).

Saturday, I had my best round of golf. I shot a 93 from the blues.

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The score on the back 9 proves that breaking 90 is not difficult to do. I shot a 42 with many correctable errors. The problem is that my LIV dreams are on hold until I finish this trip (see How to Book the Best Itinerary: AA, Avios, Aeroplan, Miles & Smiles, Flying Blue, LifeMiles, Capital One). So I don’t come back and start from zero, I am documenting the lessons I have learned:

  1. Tempo is everything: The 4 iron takes a long time to go back. Don’t rush the process. Recall your 4 iron shot on the 16th hole.
  2. Turn your wrist: The hinge on the backswing should be complemented by the turning of the wrist on your downswing. This allows the ball to release.
  3. Flare your feet: Hack squat stance is better than knees and feet pointed in.
  4. Listen for the sweet sound: There is an unmistakable sweet sound when the ball is hit correctly. Don’t convince yourself that a pretty shot that doesn’t have that sound is the right shot. That is fool’s gold AKA the scoop shot. The scoop shot easy to spot – it’s when the ball sails nicely into the air, on target, but then comes up short.
  5. Short game: Hands forward, weight forward, ball in the back of the stance. Take a small divot, and finish forward without applying a death grip at the point of contact. This allows the ball to release.

I am still working on optimizing my training schedule. For now, I have this:

  • Tuesday: 9 holes with Dewizz electric shock watch (yet to do).
  • Wednesday: Hitting net at night with MLM2Pro Launch Monitor.
  • Thursday: Chipping and putting on the practice green.

TPOL’s Tip: When using the hitting net at night, do not jam using the Infiniti radio.

a man holding a bat in front of a net
It’s all fun and games.
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Until the car battery dies.

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