Canceling Citi Prestige: But First, We Golf!


Sorry Citi Prestige, even at the discounted $350 from a Citi Gold Checking Account, you are not worth the annual fee. I’ve burned the TY points associated with this account on my coach flight to Naples. And now that you’ve taken away the golf perk after this year, I have no reason to hold onto you.

With 3 free rounds left, I booked three tee times on the same day for TPC Stadium Course in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each round goes for $243.50 which justifies the $100 I spent ($250 was used on travel) holding onto this card last year.

I still consider Scottsdale my home and believe it’s the best place to live in the United States. It will be fun to go back for a week and see the sun.

Any other golf lover burning their Prestige card after this year? Where are you playing? My most expensive use was at Trump’s Great Wall Course in Doral.




  1. I’m canceling for same reason as you. I can play the “Blue Monster” at Trump Doral any weekend I choose for free with rates reaching $400 but I refuse to. Miami has too many $$$ golf courses and I’ll be using all 3 rounds before I cancel in May.

  2. Just booked a round at Doral blue monster ($450) and TPC sawgrass stadium course ($400). But I’ll be hanging onto the card for now for the 4th night free benifit.

  3. Are you able to use the golf benefit for others? i.e. I have the card and I book a round for myself and a partner who does not have the card. I know this is technically against the rules but the fact that you booked 3x in one day makes me think otherwise.

    • I’ve done it before. I never blogged about it but who cares at this point. Whats funny is 2/3 are for the exact same time. If i get shut down we know why

  4. The card is till well worth it for me. This year (so far) i will save well over $2000 on the free hotel perk even using the average rate over 4 days. I never cared about the golf perk anyway. Last year I saved over $1000.

  5. I use my golf benefits at Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA. $200+ per round. So bummed that this benefit got eliminated. The 4th night free is enticing, but I use points 90% of the time and rarely stay in one place more than a couple of nights, so that benefit never gets used. I’ll be cashing out my points for some AA tickets or transfering them to Singapore (or somewhere else) before I cancel in a few months.

    • AA tickets was a waste for me. I saved a few hundred going to Vegas. Should’ve moved them to SQ. And yes I agree, I never stay in a place that long.

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