Could This Be The Cure for Blogger Inefficiency?


I’ve tried all sorts of ways to improve my efficiency in blogging. I tried blogging on the go. That did not work. I tried blogging on a fixed schedule, M, W, F. That didn’t work. The more I tried to be efficient, the worse I became. Looking at my numbers from June, I have only published 10 times.

But this time I think I have found the solution. First, I am returning to my old schedule of writing 5 times a week. That’s the only way to ensure that I stay true to my promise to produce daily content (see TPOL Opens M-F at 9:07AM EST). Second, and most importantly, is the addition of this Google Pixel Tablet. With it, I can more readily edit photos (and videos), the most annoying, yet indispensable part of blogging. While I would prefer to rely on words, multimedia makes a blog come to life.

In addition to the Pixel tablet, I am attempting to use an old tool to complement this new device. Like my Blackberry, I love my Thinkpad stand-alone keyboard. I purchased one to be used with my iMac Studio, a computer that was supposed to aid in my production of high-flying drone videos (see Dronin’). Instead, it did nothing but set me back $3,500 (it has since been donated to Ms. TPOL who uses it for its intended purpose – making spreadsheets).

With the power of a portable tablet, the speed of a ThinkPad keyboard, the simplicity of Google’s photo editing app, along with the straightforward video editor, inShot, TPOL should be back, and unlike Greenie, better than ever.

Postscript: I am also going to be updating my website to mark TPOL’s transition from points blogger to entrepreneurial icon.





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