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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Delta Amex: First Bag Free, Second Is a Scam

Checked bag fees are a scam. I usually don’t check bags because I travel light (see What to Pack: “Take 1/2 the Clothes, Twice the Money”). Sometimes I have to check bags and pick the airline that gets them there for free. This is usually based on what co-brand credit card I have. On her way back from Asia, Ms TPOL had to check two bags. The first bag was free because she has the AmEx Delta SkyMiles card. I thought that the second bag would be $30 which would be how much a first bag would be for someone without the card. I was wrong. Cheap Delta charges $40 for the second bag, the same price it would charge someone who paid for the first.

Without the card, it would have been $70. That’s astonishing. With the card, I saved $30 but believe I should’ve saved $40.

What say you? And you if you agree with Delta, then send me $10 because you must enjoy being conned.




  1. you should be grateful, most carriers will charge the reg rate usually $100 for a 2nd bag. When you get the 1st bag free the 2nd bag doesnt become a 1st bag to pay for its always a 2nd bag. I never read where when you get the 1st bag free and you have more then 1 bag that the 2nd bag will be treated as if it was your only bag and you had no way to get it for free

    For the Life of me I cant understand how you thought the way you did. Its no different then who show up with 3 bags and have 3 separate ways to get a bag for free (usually 1st bag) and expected to get all 3 checked for $0, and when charged for bag 2 and 3 perform a war dance and swear how this is the last time they will ever purchase a tkt on said airline. You are joining a club with a membership that circles the earth

    • Lol grow up? You just undermined your own point. Delta isn’t a person so I’m sure they can handle an adjective. Nice try though.

  2. What do you mean Ms. TPOL? Are you married???

    Anyways I agree with Isaac. A 2nd bag is a 2nd bag is a 2nd bag. I’d expect to pay the $70+ fee. Airlines jack up 2/3rd bag prices because they don’t want to be Fedex (unless you’re paying cargo prices!).

    Not sure about DL but UA doesn’t even allow you to stack free bags. I’m Silver plus I have the credit card. Each gives me a free bag so I get a grand total of 1 free bag. How’s that for math? Yes it sucks but that’s life.

    • When they bump it up to $50 and $8 for peanuts don’t complain. Bag fees were supposed to offset high fuel prices. Now they’re permanent and you have accepted it. Glad you’re on the side of big business.

      For someone that reads details you seemed to be confused about the difference between Ms and Mrs.

    • And living doesn’t have to suck. The original theme of the blog. That’s why I don’t just accept being scammed.

      • you werent scammed 1 cent! Im 100% positive all carriers post what their bag fees are, now that doesnt mean you have to like it.If you dont and dont want to pay it its very simple dont check any more bags then you are allowed to free

        No try and something that just might beyond your reach Grow_up, from reading all your replys I wish DL hit you for $200

        • Stick to criticizing the post. Don’t we have enough childish internet tough guy talk?

          I never see these angry people in person.

  3. Theres no tough talk, you went ballistic over $10 cause you figured things out wrongly. I know many a person who when things hit the fan with an Irrops went ahead and made all sorts of reservations, be it a hotel room for the night or a flight on another carrier, thinking the carrier would refund them since the line for CS was 10 miles long and the wait for a call was over an hour. Unfortunately they ended up eating that cost simply because in most cases we cant simply do what might make sense but must 1st get the OK from the Carrier

    In your case it wasnt a Scam (and believe me Im usually the one saying scam). You were Wrong in your thinking, a 1st bag is just that no matter how many ways a person has to get it for $0, and anything after that 1st bag continues as 2nd bag then 3rd bag

    Now had DL said payment is based on what # the bag being paid will be then youd be correct, as the 2nd bag would have been the 1st payment bag, but please show me where DL or any Carrier has that printed, they do have the fees for each bag and in her case she was charged what a 2nd bag would cost someone with her status or CC.

    Now had she been a Silver and has the CC would you have expected her to pay $0 since Silver gets a free bag and a CC holder gets a free bag, hey 1 + 1 = 2. When the fact is shed have 2 ways to get her 1st bag free and that doesnt have anything to do with any bag after the 1st bag

    Now if you still feel it was a Scam, then go right ahead. but it was anything but, and you have own up to having thought wrongly and messed up

    • I know what the text says. I’m still saying it’s a scam. The second bag should be charged as a first. Clearly your definition is different than mine.

      Own up to what? Companies taking advantage of consumers any chance they get? No thanks.

      You’ve made your point. I disagree. Move on.

  4. Its an inherently stupid charge, whether one holds a particular card or not. Oligopolists will always do sleazy shit like this.

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