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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Disputing A Credit Card Charge? You Have 118 Days

I once wrote a post called “Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?”. I wrote, “What about times when nobody responds? Do I just let those go simply because time has passed? Absolutely not. I actually keep a list of offenders and the status of the complaints. Some have been on there for over a year.”

Today, I found out that if it’s a with a Visa credit card purchase, that is not a sound strategy. Chase told me that I can only dispute a charge if it has been less than 118 calendar days after the transaction is posted. That timeline is not an issue with Amex or Citi because I can dispute charges online (see Boarding Pass Scam Resolved! Thanks Amex). It should not come as a shock that the bank that does not allow business card disputes online is Chase, another deficiency in an otherwise great card (see Why Do Pending Transactions Only Disappear from Chase Ink? and Why Do Chase Ink Points Take Longer to Post?). Luckily, I had enough cold brew today to call up Chase regarding a list of charges that had yet to be resolved by the merchant and made the claim just in time.

I support a limit on the number of days I can file a dispute because it forces me to seek closure. I don’t support not being able to do so online, something that the representative said should be possible in the near future. Hopefully “near future” means less than 118 days.

What is the minimum amount that motivates you to call and dispute a charge?



  1. Wait, what? Chase doesn’t allow business card disputes? I use my Chase business cards a lot. What are customers like me supposed to do?

  2. They just told me the same thing stating it was because they are VISA cards which is not the case. I disputed charges with my BBVA Compass VISA card and it was more than 118 days.

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