End the Busiest Flight Path in the World


Some fun news for today. The busiest flight path in the world used to be London to Dubai. Covid shut that one down. Now that dubious distinction belongs to the route from Orlando to Puerto Rico. Because we are part of America, there is no shutting down the super spreaders coming this way on a daily basis (see Frontier Airlines: The Covid Super Spreader for Puerto Rico). The article attributes this to the popularity of Disney and the appeal of Americans wanting to get away to the Caribbean. However, I’m guessing that more people are coming to see me and my drone than to see Mickey and his ears (see Skydio Is on the Way! Blogging, Vlogging, You, Me & TPOL Will Never Be the Same). My advice is the same as it was last year: stay away! (See Can I Go Visit Puerto Rico?.)

Hope not to see you real soon.



  1. This is the busiest international flight right now, not overall busiest. Surely LAX-JFK is much busier (and a bunch of other domestic flights in other countries like seoul-jeju or tokyo-osaka or Beijing-Shanghai or jackarta-surabaya or Melbourne-sydney). So it is only listed as the busiest because of a dubious mischaracterization of a domestic flight as international

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