Free Pornhub: Will That Help People Finally Stay Home?


I’ve written some scathing posts about people who still believe this coronavirus is a hoax and continue to go out (see Stop Going to the Bar Jerks). While people are finally taking this seriously, many find themselves bored at home with idle hands.

Luckily, Pornhub, the Disney+ for inquiring minds, is offering free access to its premium content to help fill those long hours. According to Bossip, Pornhub is also donating money to help NY medics.

This is a win win for everyone.

Note: TPOL doesn’t have an affiliate relationship with Pornhub…yet.

If the beach is a no go, next week I’ll know where to go.


    • Oh no. Comedy is so terrible. I’m sick of negativity. Why don’t you keep it to yourself? And enjoy your premium membership.

        • It’s the same crap from another anonymous person pointlessly criticizing. Clearly, I’m not going to change my ways so either stop reading or come up with something clever to say. Sort of like this other guy who bitches about spreadsheets…

  1. Yikes. Personally I’d go with “My blog was hacked!” to explain this “humorous” post. And then maybe get outside and take more walks.

    • Clearly wasn’t hacked. I wrote it and don’t mind if someone does not find it funny. Also, I’m not soliciting social distancing tips. Thank you for your tremendous concern.

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