I Love Sweden!


I love Sweden (exclamation point) because it is Sweden! And I’m not only saying that because I left the bar at 5am and they played a delicious combo of hiphop and house.

I say it because it is a country that is as all countries should be: peaceful, beautiful, and inviting. Everyone is friendly and everyone is accommodating. Let’s contrast this to Scottsdale, Arizona where superficially everyone may be ‘beautiful’ but, that adjective aside, they lack a far superior attribute better known as character. That attribute is something nicer. I call it lovely.

Seriously, the city is pristine compared to the rats and garbage in New York and the buildings are, as George Farah would say, “beautiful”- there goes that word again.

I’m not knocking my home country because I do love the United States but, at the same time, wonder why we can’t be a little more gentler, a little more welcoming, a little more, as we once were- American.



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