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Monday, July 22, 2024
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The Book Is on Sale!

The time has come to cash in on my writing. I say that in jest but it is awkward to ask anyone to purchase something that you have personally created.

In the last two years of writing, editing, and publishing I have experienced all sorts of emotions. Happiness because I can put words together to make sentences to make paragraphs to make chapters. Anger because I still find imperfections even though I have read it 1000 times. Resentment because I wasn’t signed by the biggest publishing firms.

And now relief that it is over.

That feeling lasted for two seconds as I obsessively check the sales figures to see how far I am to becoming the next New York Times Best Seller. Calm sets in again as friends send me their confirmations that the book is on its way. I actually get paid almost double if it is purchased directly from the publisher but no one can beat Amazon’s convenience.

But cash money was never my motivation for writing this book and it still isn’t. The inspiration came from my friend Brent Dutcher to whom I wrote the following dedication:

I dedicate this book to my buddy Brent Dutcher, who may be the only person who ever reads it, if he even does. I have spent the last three four years trying to convince him that life should be dictated on his own terms and that he does not have to settle for the corporate grind. I hope by reading this book, he is inspired to sell the Trailblazer, leave Michigan, and roll the dice on himself.

Now, my effort has shifted from editing and publishing to getting the word out to as many people as possible because I really believe that the book is funny yet inspirational, witty yet serious, self-help but not smug.

So I humbly ask all my readers to buy a copy, read it, and tell me (and Amazon) honestly what you think. I love the compliments and welcome the criticism.

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