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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Jack on the High Seas

Me and John Daniels. That’s is who accompanied me on my overnight journey from Helsinki to Stockholm. The cruise from Finland to Sweden is supposed to be a ‘party’ boat and in some ways it was and in others it was downright silly.

The boat leaves sharply at 6 something, nobody seems to care as everyone make a rush to the Duty Free store to buy up the alcohol. It’s a toss up if Duty Free is worthwhile when traveling to many countries, but in Scandinavia it is a must. Alcohol and everything cost way too much in general, so the quasi discounted prices were a nice change.

I purchased a personal size Jack and prepared myself for the restful journey. That quickly changed when I met Italians, Germans, Swedes, and Fins, who were on board to do one thing- get plastered.

There was a live band and later on a DJ with people from a variety of backgrounds showcasing their best rendition of “So you think you can dance.” This wedding like atmosphere got increasingly rowdy as the night went on as new friends bought shot after shot.

Hours later I was awoken from my dungeon located on the 2nd floor (I believe it is called the hull) to find that we had arrived in Stockholm.

Flying business has its perks but this was a grander celebration.

Welcome to Sweden!


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