Iceland Booked…for 2016


WOWair had prices way too cheap from the US to Iceland at $99 for a one-way. Now the prices are inflated at three to five times that amount for this summer. At the same time, the Club Carlson deadline is looming. So what is a budget/points conscious person supposed to do? The answer is kick the can down the road and hope that the random booking dates in June 2016 matches up with my life schedule and another WOWair sale.

My speculative booking has worked out in the past as I booked Conrad Maldives for 4 nights eight months in advance before Hilton ruined it for us with their devaluation. Locking in Christmas on Rangali Island before I had a flight booked turned out to be a great decision.

Hopefully the same will be true of the 2016 Iceland trip. A big reason why I  paid the annual fee to US Bank is to stay for free in Reykjavik. The devaluation wouldn’t be such a big deal if there were other affordable options in Iceland. Since there aren’t any and since I will never be able to rationalize up to $500 for what I’m sure is an underwhelming Radisson Blu, I have no choice but to hope that my plan works out in my favor.

If it becomes available, I plan on immediately booking my WOWair ticket using my Prestige statement credit of $250. That way the entire trip is absolutely free.

Of course, there is a risk that I won’t be able to go which would cost me 2 nights and the airline statement credit if I cancel the flight. But I guess that’s what makes this hobby fun.

At this point I’m going to Iceland for spite. Junior suite? I’m sure it’s still a shoe box.







  1. I did the same sort of speculative June 2016 booking for Iceland a few days ago. There are two Radisson Blu hotels in Reykjavik, so I booked 2 nights in first, 2 in the second, 2 back in the first, and 2 back in the second. Hoping that WOW offers some $99 fares for next summer!

    • Yeah I did 4 nights all at the 1919. Business cc then personal. I don’t think I need more than 4 in Iceland lol. And yes this time when I see the wowair fare im booking and calling it a success! Great minds think alike.

    • I guess you have been already……I cant find the full report would love to read it and also to know about blue lagoon which package you got and which one you would recommend

      • The individual posts are all on the homepage. I haven’t done the Travel Guide which takes the longest yet.

      • And I got the basic package which included a mud mask and no towel. The rest were overpriced for no reason.

      • I got the impression that the Blue Lagoon is primarily for tourists.

        While in Reykjavik I saw a review of one of the ~8 city pools, which noted that “the foreigners haven’t discovered it yet.” It is named Vesturbaejarlaug, and is ~1/2 mile from the center of town.

        Admission is ~$9 US, except ages 68+ are admitted free. Bring your own towel and swimsuit. The dressing rooms are gender-segregated. The signs note that you must thoroughly shower with soap, all over and quite thoroughly, nude, before entering the pool.

        There is a lap pool, four standard-size spas / hot tubs (hot, hotter, hottest, cold) and a giant hot tub.

        If free bathing is your preference, and you can handle much cooler water, the “Thermal Beach” near the downtown airport is an option.

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