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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Q2 Churn Results: 378,000 Points

Miles to Memories posted his churn results so it’s time to post mine. Keep versus cancel, points valuation posts, and churn results are among my favorite posts. Knowing that everyone is cancelling their Citi Exec AA makes me feel good about my decision to do the same. Knowing that I got 3 cents per Hyatt point when the standard is 1.6 also makes me feel good. Finally, knowing that I’m not the only one getting rejected gives me comfort. Of course the whole thing is arbitrary and personal to each person.

I didn’t follow ‘the rules’ and apply for 50 cards on the 90th day, all on the same day like the good Lord advised but still came away with good results:

1. Amex Platinum: 150k after 20k spend: Where did you go RedBird? $450 annual fee.

2. Citi Prestige: 50k after 3k spend. $450 annual fee.

3. Citi ThankYou: 50k after 3k spend. No annual fee for the first year.

4. Alaska Airlines * 2: I haven’t even received the cards and already got 25k sign-up bonus per card. If I spend 1k I receive a $100 credit that offsets the annual fee.

$900 for annual fees is ridiculous. Challenge accepted as to how I’m going to make those annual fees worthwhile. A simple way would be to transfer all the MR’s and ThankYou’s to SQ and fly around the world on an A380 but that novelty has worn off.

I need to go to new places to make progress on the Country Count List and get back to travel adventures not prototypical nice flight, nice hotel blog posts.

Portugal anyone?

*Note: The 378k total comes from being able to use my MR’s again because they were locked away since cancelling my previous Amex Gold years ago.

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  1. Membership Rewards do the whole zombie thing, coming back from the dead when you get a new card? I thought when you cancelled a card they were gone forever.

    • They are zombie-like. I have an amex blue, my first amex which kept the MRs alive but didn’t allow them to be transferred to the partners.

  2. Without the BB & RB, how are you meeting the minimum spending requirements nowadays?

    @Christian, having the Amex EveryDay Preferred Card can also help preserving you MR points.

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