My Amex Platinum Broke!


Besides booking flights, there’s not a great reason to use the Amex Platinum over the Amex Blue for Business as the former only earns 1X per dollar spend versus 2x on the Blue. That statement is true anywhere Amex is accepted besides Scottsdale where presenting the Platinum to a bartender is a necessity for keeping up the 30k millionaire persona. As shallow as it sounds, it feels better to pay with a heavy card like the Platinum or a Sapphire (of which I’ll never be approved) than the paper thin, clear Amex Blue. To be clear, vanity is the most stupid reason to use a card.

The points’ gods must have been monitoring my questionable conduct and saved me from myself by breaking my Platinum card. It was their efforts or overuse that caused the card to split in two. 

Seeing it in tatters made two things that should have been obvious clear: 1) Only fools feel cool about being ripped off for a drink, simply because they use a heavy card. 2) I need to get the hell out of complacent Scottsdale. Fortunately, I’m moving out in less than 3 months. #albania



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