Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JNB: Me & Pumba


The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Johannesburg Lounge Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Are you ready for this trip [report] to end? After the steakhouse overindulgence at Grillhouse JNB, I was. But first, I had to visit the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Johannesburg. Admittedly, my head was spinning from the two bottles of wine, and my belly could not take another ounce of food. Despite these handicaps, I pushed forward. Creeping on travelers relaxing in a lounge is a blogging responsibility that I do not take lightly.

The Clubhouse 
The lounge is not very big but it does have a balcony, great for blog photos.

The Drinks
The last thing I needed was another drink, but no one should pass on a neat cocktail.

The Pumba
I’m not one for buying souvenirs but I had to get this. He became a celebrity.

The Bathroom & Shower 
One should always stop and smell the Virgin flower.

From catching the train back to JNB to souvenir shopping, I did not have much time at the lounge. I took the pictures I could before dashing to the gate to take my flight to LHR.


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