25k MR After 50k Spend: The Worst Amex Targeted Offer?


There are some offers that make sense. And there is this one for my Business Gold card:

First, who would take the $210 statement credit? That is the epitome of stupidity. Next, how successful does Amex believe my company is? If I had 50k in business expenses, that would mean I’m drenched in cash or MSing. And if I were MSing, I would be shutdown and have to call BachuwaLaw. Curious, I pulled up my spending for 2017 on this card. 

Barely cracked 15k. And that was in a year.

But wait, there’s more!

Spend another 15k and get $60!

This offer may work for the big spenders but not for little guys like me.

Note: This analysis doesn’t even take into account the benefit of putting that much spend on other cards.




  1. Alexander, if you think your offer was ridiculous, wait until you hear the offer they had the nerve to send me:

    Earn 60,000 MR points or US$ 500.00 statement credit after you spend US$ 220,000.00 until 08/31/18. Then earn another 20,000 MR points or US$ 165.00 statement credit after you spend US$ 75,000.00 until 08/31/18.

    Are you laughing already ???

  2. “If I had 50k in business expenses, that would mean I’m drenched in cash or MSing.”

    Or… have a legitimate business that spends 15-50k+ over 5 months (could all be in 3x categories).

    This card provides 3x in many business categories, its the only reason I keep it, so I am guessing that this bonus will stack on top of 3x. For some its just a free 7.5k-25k pts for registering and not changing any spend patterns.

    Maybe the RAT team is weeding out people who will attempt to MS this offer.

    While a ridiculous offer for someone that just got the card for the sign up bonus, the offer is better than nothing for typical business usage.

    Get some NCAA posts up and rolling.. where should I have a 5 hour layover? vegas amex lounge? Do they have 4 TV’s to watch at the same time?


      • Didn’t mean to speak on your business/spend specifically. Just mentioning the offer compared to the general business person that has it and naturally spends that much (particularly in 3x).

        Clearly, they want you to spend $15k on adwords in the next ~5 months, which is pretty insane when you look at your 2017 year.

        Won’t make it to vegas this year (headed to SD to catch a few games), but I’d imagine the sportsbook is the spot to be, I also wonder if you need to make a reservation, etc for the first ~4 days of the tournament as it will be busy. Michigan looked pretty solid in the B10 tourney. Good luck to them.


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