Where to Eat Steak Johannesburg: Grillhouse Is A Great Choice


The Where to Eat Steak Johannesburg post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Getting There: If you have a layover in JNB, you can easily get to the Grillhouse by taking the airport train. The cost of the ticket is around $23 roundtrip. Head to the Rosebank location but note there is another in Sandton.

If you’re looking for the best steak in Johannesburg, locals will point you to one of two places: The Butcher Shop in Sandton or its competitor, Grillhouse. I went to The Butcher Shop the last time I was in South Africa and loved it. On this occassion, I decided to give Grillhouse a try.

Of course, it did not disappoint. I ordered the filet in bone, two bottles of their finest wine, a salad, spinach, oysters, onion rings, dessert, and an espresso with Amaralu before getting back on the train back to the airport.  All of this quality only cost $177. Imagine how much this would cost if it were in the US. Thank you South Africa, you were awesome.





  1. You should give Wombles a look. Between GH/BS/WB — Wombles is my go to. IMO, better steak and much posher environ.

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